The Bees are coming back

There has been some good news recently. The bees we rely on for pollination may be coming back!

We reported some time ago in the article Attract bees to the garden that bees are mysteriously dying and we need to do everything we can to help them.

Well, a glimmer of hope has recently been reported. A species of bumblebee was thought to be in decline, perhaps because of a fungus infestation, or perhaps for other reasons. If it is a fungus infestation, the bees have perhaps generated immunity to it. If their population is re-building because there is less use of pesticides, then we applaud the world for making a change!

Bees are like little elves that work hard to keep our flowers blooming, fruit growing, and crops healthy. We think it is important to take care of the li'l buzzers.

Here are some interesting links related to the changing conditions of the bumblebee.

We at Environmental Construction Inc. encourage everyone to do all they can to keep their gardens and landscapes bumblebee-friendly and ecologically green!

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