Landscape Articles - Tips for Planting

Here are some tips for planting and caring for flowers, bushes, trees, etc. If you need a tip for planting that is not answered in our blogs, send us a question or suggestion and we will try to write about it. If you have a gardening tip to share, we'd like to hear those too.

Protecting plants in Seattle’s winter wonderland
What? Snow in Seattle? Yes. It happens ... and when it does, you need to think about your plants.

Transplanting roses for Mother’s Day
Give roses for Mother's Day. Learn some tips about transplanting roses to ensure your success.

How to grow rhododendron and azalea in NW Washington
Even though rhododendron is our state flower, they need some special care, especially when first planted. Here are a few hints to help you grow rhododendron and their close cousin, the azalea.

Companion Planting
Use companion planting to help thwart pests without using chemicals!

Planting tulip bulbs in a Pacific Northwest garden
It's almost Tulip-time! Tulips represent the beginning of Spring and are a wonderful addition to any Pacific Northwest garden. So let's talk about planting tulip bulbs.

Climate zones - USDA map vs Sunset map
Information about climate zones (USDA or Sunset mapping systems) is a helpful guide for growing plants here in Washington.

Compost soil vs woodchips
Do trees and other plants prefer compost soil or woodchips mulch? Science tells the "dirty truth".

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