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Container Gardening
No room to garden? Need to brighten up a deck, patio, or indoor living area? Then add container gardening to your bucket list. It's simple.

Install an outdoor kitchen and increase your living space
An outdoor kitchen and cooking area adds living space, function, style, and value to your home. It is like adding a whole new room to your home.

Seattle garden design with a fresh mint taste
Mint is easy to grow in a Seattle garden and delicious to use in the kitchen. How about a recipe for fresh Mint Pesto?

Planting vegetables? Try growing pumpkin
Growing pumpkin in the vegetable garden in the spring means a variety of creative uses in the fall.

Tech garden
Seattle is the perfect place for a tech garden. And with so many new advancements in gardening technology, the opportunities are almost endless.

King County property tax reduction
Here is something you may not know. Some homeowners can get a King County property tax reduction without much effort at all.

What is xeriscaping?
You may or may not have heard of xeriscape landscaping. This type of garden can be beneficial even in the Pacific Northwest.

Environmental Construction, Inc.

It's not simply about designing and building beautiful garden spaces, it's about providing a landscape oasis where you can relax from the daily grind and recharge. Let us create an outdoor space that will enhance your home and quality of life.

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