Seattle outdoor kitchen finale

From glass gable roof to iron wood decking, a Seattle outdoor kitchen has come to life for one very lucky homeowner.

The Seattle outdoor kitchen finale included installation of the railing and flooring. This is not just any outdoor kitchen so not just any outdoor flooring would do. The Iron Wood (or Ipe) decking over PVC waterproof membrane looks just as beautiful as we had hoped and we know it will provide years of trouble-free service.

Seattle outdoor kitchen

When we look back on this project, we are reminded of how fortunate we are to have such a quality team. As is customary at the end of any great work, I think it is only appropriate to introduce and give credit to our highly capable team.

Having an excellent designer, client liaison and project coordinator, Lori Beehner, on staff played a huge part in bringing this project to fruition. Lori worked with our staff project estimator and field supervisor, Jon Daughtry, who was able to apply numbers to this project that the home owners were able to accept.

When Jon was able to work side by side with our lead carpenter, Travis Bergner, the project was led with passion and confidence. With the support from our other multi-talented staff members like Mike Perius, Carlos Castro, >Jason McIntyre, Clay East and Sabas Arrieta, who combined an amazing amount of hard work, the Seattle outdoor kitchen project flowed like a musical rendition. We were all very happy for the role each played in building this beautiful piece of craftsmanship for our clients to enjoy.

The owners of this new outdoor kitchen are very happy that they now has full use of a complete below-ground wood shop. They now have a place to share quality time with their children while teaching them the joy of working with their hands.

Their new outdoor kitchen space is where they can share the pizza oven (combination gas/wood or charcoal fired grill), the convenience of a two burner stove top, and a sink to facilitate food cleaning and preparation. Having the sitting space at the beautiful concrete counter top bar gives them a place to gather, refresh and reacquaint with each other when it is time to relax.

The combination of flat panel and glass gable roof means they can enjoy their outdoor kitchen won't be as quickly dampened by Seattle weather. The flat roof panels have been plumbed for gas, in case they want to add ceiling heaters in the future, and the glass gable brings in plenty of natural light - even on our grey days.

This Seattle outdoor kitchen represents the culmination of a couple of motivated home owners that worked in combination with our very talented staff to create a piece of art. That is the same staff that make me feel both privileged and grateful to be working on the same team. It is with this team in place that I can confidently look forward to the next opportunity to work with you when the time is right.

As always... if you can dream it, we can help build it.

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