Seattle landscape company does more than dream.

Environmental Construction, Inc. is a full-service landscape company based near Seattle, Washington. We have been in business since 1990 and have completed a wide range of projects over the years. We want to help you reconnect with that inner child who daydreams of a beautiful castle and garden oasis; who knows how amazing it feels to play in the garden and keep company with friends.

From dreams come beautiful landscapes. Share your dreams with us as we blog our way through garden structures, outdoor kitchens, patios and deck designs, and discussion of landscaping ideas and construction materials. Through our blog, you will learn new things about landscaping in the Seattle area. We will design & build a verdant landscape oasis where you can relax from the daily grind & recharge.

We do more than dream with you...we take your dream and create a place where you can rest or entertain as you choose.

ECI is a landscaping company that respects your investment and believes that form should follow function. To learn which forms will work best in your garden, we meet with you in an initial consultation where we review your site and provide our professional recommendations for your yard. This includes a broad brush-stroke concept of what different garden components typically cost. We also discuss what should be done after the consultation and the process our company will take during landscape design and construction phases. There is a nominal charge for this service, but we will be happy to refund if you hire our company to do your landscaping.

Dreaming about your landscape is our passion…residential landscape design and installation is our specialty. Start the exciting process of working with a quality Seattle Landscape Company.

Call today and trust us with your dreams. ph. 425-803-9881

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Environmental Construction, Inc.

It's not simply about designing and building beautiful garden spaces, it's about providing a landscape oasis where you can relax from the daily grind and recharge. Let us create an outdoor space that will enhance your home and quality of life.

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