Rain gardens rock!

Here's to the rain! Let's celebrate the season with a rain garden and make it your own unique design.

It's that time again when we begin counting the days ...of RAIN. Now don't you think it just feels right to pull out our comfy slippers, wrap ourselves in a warm blanket, and read a good blog about rain gardens? I think so.

In March 2011, we published a blog about the ecological benefits of rain gardens. We mentioned how they trap water flow and help prevent erosion and protect our lakes and streams from the impurities that settle on non-permeable large surface areas, such as roads and rooftops. But we haven't told you about the creative beauty that is possible through using a diverse selection of rock.

When people think about landscaping and gardening, they often think of the many plant varieties they want to include in their garden design. But there are so many sizes, colors, and textures in the world of rock. I would like to challenge you to think of all the choices of rock that are available and consider using this array of choices to enhance your landscape and build a unique and beautiful rain garden.

When building a rain garden, we often incorporate both rock and a selection of suitable plants. When Environmental Construction builds a rain garden, we arrange the rock and plant-life in such a way that the water flow is slowed and effectively absorbed into the ground.

A rain garden design does not need to be a lonely trail of dull, lifeless gravel. It can be an opportunity to paint a sea of beauty. Bring in red lava rock, large boulders, colorful river rock, and even obsidian or cuts of granite. It's your rain garden -- let's make it beautiful!

Read more about rain garden design and protecting our ecology.

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