Porous asphalt driveway paving is ...green?

It used to be that asphalt on a driveway was one of the least green-friendly surfaces, but that is not the case anymore.

Asphalt DrivewayThough it has been around for years, porous asphalt is the new way to do driveways. As opposed to the older asphalt paving or typical cement method, porous asphalt driveways do not let water accumulate on them, and in fact they let water run right through.

The eco-green voice inside of us wants to tell everyone the more water that goes back into the ground as soon as possible, and the less it collects into vast amounts of scouring, flooding, torrents...the better.

Alright, so maybe you aren't the most green-conscientious person in the world. Feel free to keep reading and pretend you're just looking at the picture, but I think you will find this eco-friendly idea to be very interesting.

Benefits of porous asphalt paving for driveways

A really great benefit of porous asphalt is that in winter, on hills, the amount of ice build-up is vastly reduced if not eliminated. Think of it. Your neighbor, with an old style asphalt or concrete driveway can't get into his garage because the ice has made their driveway a near vertical skating rink. They can barely walk up it, so forget about driving.

Yours?...Well, the water from last night's rain instantly disappeared into the asphalt before it froze and any that happened to be on the surface at that freezing moment was just a frosty layer. You can easily get your car up with little or no wheel spin.

Of course, we can't guarantee that porous asphalt driveway paving won't get icy or that you'll never slide, but driveway asphalt paving is a greener solution to water drainage and has some winter safety benefits as well.

If you are concerned about possible damage from freezing when our Seattle temperatures dip in winter, the pavement should not buckle if constructed correctly. Why? Because there is enough material in the bed of the driveway for it to absorb the water to 65% of the frost depth. This means that when it rains the water trickles past where it would freeze, and voila!...no freezing and expanding water to damage you asphalt.

Here are a few more added benefits of porous asphalt:

  • Since it survives frost better, it will have fewer potholes.
  • You will have less issues with roots invading the driveway.
  • This product is made to last for years!

If we can assist you with getting your new driveway project completed (excavation, grading, landscaping beside that nice new porous asphalt, or installing light posts or a security gate) please Contact Us at Environmental Construction Inc.

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