Planting crocus bulbs

You should be planting your crocus bulbs, even if it's a little late.

Crocus are a wonderful addition to an early spring garden. Snow crocus, as they are called, pop out of the soil at the end of winter and look like a very small tulip. The most common are typically a bright yellow or purple flower, but there are many other varieties. They stand a few inches above the ground and are one of the first flowers to welcome in the spring.

It's time to get those crocus bulbs in the ground! It is best if they are planted at least 6 weeks before we get our first hard frost so they have time to develop roots. But since the nights are still in the 40-degree range, it might not be too late.

Planting crocus bulbs is easy and a fun project for the whole family. So put on your fall rain jacket and head on out to the garden. Find an area along a walkway, an open patch, or in front of taller flowers or bushes -- these are good locations for planting crocus bulbs.

As you begin planting crocus and other bulbs, here are a few considerations:

  • Bulbs like well-drained soil that is also rich in organic matter, such as compost. To make sure the ground has adequate drainage, add some sand, shredded bark, or pea gravel. Take a peek at our blog about organic fertilizers for a helpful list of fertilizers you may want to consider for your garden.
  • Plant the crocus bulbs about 6 inches apart and about 6 inches deep (they will multiply each year to form a thick mat of color).
  • Crocus flowers are small so plant several in one area.
  • If you have a lot of squirrels visiting your yard each year, lay a piece of chicken wire over the bulb and press the edges around the crocus bulb. Then cover with dirt.
  • After planting, it's nice to cover the area with a light layer of bark, but you can also spread a thin layer of pea gravel, grass seed or other ground covers, if not too dense.

Other interesting crocus flowers are the Fall Blooming Crocus and, for those who love to cook, the Saffron Crocus. We will write about these exciting varieties in an upcoming blog.

For now, the thought of a long dreary winter shouldn't keep you inside. Spring will be here again before you know it. You can prepare for a cheerful and colorful spring garden by planting crocus bulbs.

If your busy schedule is making it impossible for you to get out and plant anything, let alone planting crocus bulbs, then give us a call at Environmental Construction Inc. or complete our Request a Consultation form and we will contact you. We are your garden stewards! Our shovels and gloves are ready and we are here to help.

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