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Gardening in the Pacific Northwest is becoming greener; that is, we are starting to "plant green". We are planting more native plants and abstaining from invasive plants in an effort to create more eco-friendly gardens. Test your native planting I.Q. with a fun crossword puzzle about Pacific Northwest native plants.

The Pacific Northwest's forests and parks are often glorified for their green vegetation and the variety of tones they offer -- bright green moss, green ferns, airy, light green ocean spray and heavy, dark green huckleberries to name a few. You can adapt the natural setting in your own backyard and be more eco-friendly by planting native plants. Recently, the Green Industry learned of a possible new regulation for landscapers creating new or updated gardening projects. The City of Seattle may soon require that landscape contractors include in new or reconstructed landscape planting designs a minimum of 75% plantings native to Western Washington.

As stated in the Green Code Provisions (on page 31), "The intent is to encourage native plan selection in order to reduce the use of fertilizers, water, and the strain often imposed on native environments by foreign constraining species. This provision would apply to all new vegetated landscapes, or those to be replaced." This website gives you a chance to participate in the draft process by leaving a comment for

The fewer non-native plants in a garden, the less likely these especially-hardy species will take-over and squeeze out the foliage that has been growing in the Pacific Northwest for years and is necessary for our overall ecology. Animals also benefit from native plants. Non-native plants are sometimes toxic and threaten the plentiful variety of food sources that animals need to be healthy.

We at Environmental Construction promote the use of native plantings in our landscapes. We understand the balance of nature and beauty. We work with natural beauty that is around us without the sacrifice of seasonal color and interest year round. Planting native plants is one of the easiest changes we can make in the green-landscaping effort. Native plants grow well in this area, they help sustain a healthy environment, and they provide so much beauty and variety to a garden.

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