Own a piece of Bellevue Botanical Garden

Walk through the Bellevue Botanical Garden, then let us create some of those same elements in your own yard.

The Bellevue Botanical Garden is one of my favorite places to visit. I love to walk through the peaceful and beautifully landscaped trails, stopping often to enjoy the fragrant flora and unique designs. I guess that wouldn’t be a surprise to you; after all, gardens of all kinds and especially botanical gardens are my most favorite place to relax and enjoy a leisurely walk.

I like to visit the Bellevue Botanical Garden each season, if I can. Quality landscaping is an artistic work with color pallet that changes with the seasons as plants grow and change in color. And I’m sure you will appreciate the artisan-like efforts that go into making the structures, the water falls, the rain gardens, and the different plantscapes unique.

If you have never visited a botanical garden, you need to plan a visit to the one in Bellevue. You will notice a variety of garden designs with special resting areas where you can just sit and enjoy the scenery. And when you go, be sure to take pictures of areas of the garden you especially enjoy. Then give us a call to discuss how we can create a botanical garden of you own.

Environment Construction has designed some breath-taking gardens through the years. Let us create one for you. Even if your yard is small, we can likely create a botanical garden oasis for you to enjoy this summer.

Enjoy your spring and summer visit to Bellevue Botanical Gardens and don't forget your camera!

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