Northwest native plants used in landscaping

Choose native plants for your Washington garden and reap the benefits.

Planting season is upon us and it’s time to start thinking about choosing some native plants as part of your garden landscape. Native plants are the best choice when planning a landscape because they are disease resistant, won’t disturb the eco-system, and typically grow better than plants from other parts of the world. They adapt better than many ornamentals, use less water, and are always hardy during our Seattle winters.

How do you know if a plant is a native plant? Just go for a walk in the woods…if it grows wild, it is native plant.

Growing native plants means you are not upsetting the natural ecology. Native plants include large evergreen trees such as Thuja Plicata, Tsuga Heterophylla, and Pseudotsuga Menziesii. If you happen to have a Pacific Madrone tree (also known as Arbutus Menziesii) on your property, then you are one of a fortunate few. Besides its beautiful multi-colored bark, these trees are very drought tolerant but generally speaking do not transplant well.

Orange honeysuckle, Oregon grape, and salmonberry are all Northwest native plants whichprovide beautiful berries and food for birds.Arctostaphylos uva-ursi otherwise known as kinnikinnick ground cover is effective at helping tocontrol erosion.

If you are wanting a Northwest native deciduous tree that works well in a smaller garden consider planting an Acer Circinatum. With its multi trunk and vase shape, these are easily pruned and also grow very well in shade.

It is important to selectthe right native plant for each location. We at Environmental Construction, Inc. can help you plan your native plant landscape. We will determine which native plant is right for the specific location -- amount of sunlight, soil composition, drainage, space, and traffic flow.

Choosing northwest native plants is not only good for ecology; it is also rewarding as they are virtually care-free. After the first couple growing seasons, you won’t need to water or provide extensive care. While we enjoy many of the ornamental benefits that accompany non-native plantings, adding a healthy mix of natives to your garden can be a beautiful and beneficial concept.

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