Large rocks and little stones used in landscaping

The use of rocks and stones in the landscape design serves a multitude of purposes.

There are so many reasons for using rocks of all sizes in a landscape, but which type of stone, rock, or boulder to select and what size to choose can be overwhelming. So let's rock-on...

Large Rocks

Landscaping rockWe use special equipment to place large rock or boulders. These are typically used for walls or as outcroppings to reduce slope, create planting pockets, for ground stabilization, or as decorative features. While basalt rock is the most commonly used for walls and in hillside terracing, we prefer the look and durability of Granite rock for outcroppings. These types of rock are also a popular selection for outdoor kitchen surfaces, as they hold up well to the outdoor elements.

A large stone can be drilled out to make an interesting fire pit. Cuts of slate or Pennsylvania Bluestone (a type of flagstone) are often used in walkways for a natural or rustic look.

Small Stones

There are even more uses for small stones in a landscape. We use round, river rock in rain gardens, fountains, dry streambeds, and ponds. Small stones are especially useful in decorative landscape features, such as embedding in cement or placed in a walkway.

Small pieces of lava or obsidian rock spread around a plant have been known to keep slugs away as they generally do not like to crawl over the sharp edges. (Read our earlier blog about deterring slugs from your Seattle garden.)

Now check your rock IQ...

When you feel like taking a break, find the nearest rock bench or large boulder, sit back, and take this challenge...

See how many landscape features you can name that use some type of rock or stone. Here are a few to get you thinking:

  • Solitary large rock as a monolith
  • Dry creek beds
  • Rain garden
  • Borders
  • Rock walls
  • Cement patios with stone inlay
  • Landscape steps
  • Walkways using sliced rock
  • Paths using stepping stones or cobblestone
  • Ponds with a rock border
  • Rock fountain
  • Rock garden
  • Sculpture made of stone
  • Sundials
  • Rock surfaces in an outdoor kitchen
  • Stone benches many more can you think of?

Environmental Construction Inc. has the trucks and equipment to deliver just about any type of rock or stone you need to your home or business in the Seattle area.

Contact us by phone or request a consultation through our website and let us know how we can help with your landscape design project.

You rock our world!

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