Landscape maintenance vs. garden stewardship

What is the difference between a landscape maintenance company and garden stewards? Let me tell you...

When people think of landscape maintenance, they generally think of mowing the grass, blowing leaves, and trimming bushes into neat balls and squares. If that were all the service they received, just think of the hours they would need to invest to complete the many other landscape maintenance tasks required: to remove moss, clean gutters, power-wash, prune trees and shrubs properly, spread mulch, check outdoor lighting, clean and repair water features, manage plant health...and a long list of other landscape maintenance jobs.

Garden stewardship is much more than just landscape maintenance

Landscape maintenance is to garden stewardship as the Chipmunk's music is to the symphony. Think of a garden steward as a landscape maintenance maid, chef, nanny, butler, and valet all-in-one for your outdoor living space. A garden steward knows all the ins and outs of your specific landscape maintenance needs and makes sure each detail is cared for at the right time.

Seattle-area homeowners are "drowning" in landscape maintenance

I recently heard a report that we in Seattle spend more time commuting to our jobs and working than most anywhere else in the United States. That means we have less time at home and less time for landscape maintenance. Homeowners tell me how hard it is for them to keep up with their landscape maintenance and each year they get further behind.

It is also true that because of our mild temperature and constant rain, our growing season for moss and weeds is longer than most areas of the country. We have more trees so that means more leaves and pine needles are constantly falling. That's a triple-whammy!

I guess it goes without saying...if you have a home with a yard and live in the Seattle area, you probably need a garden steward. It is the perfect solution to landscape maintenance.

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Here is your question of the day...

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What is your LEAST FAVORITE landscape maintenance job, and if you could farm out any outdoor maintenance task, what would it be?

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