Garden gates

Take a walk through the garden gate and consider the possibilities.

Garden gates are one of the most versatile garden structures that we install. They can be built from so many different materials. It might be difficult to choose. They serve a variety of purposes, from ornate and elaborate to simple and practical. A garden gate offers aesthetic appeal, accessibility, containment, security, and safety.

Start dreaming! Where can you install a unique garden gate?

Materials used for garden gates

As you begin plans for a garden gate, first consider the various materials and styles that can be used:

  • Wood planks
  • Solid wood
  • Bamboo
  • Lattice wood
  • Aluminum
  • Wrought iron
  • Chain link
  • ...or a combination of these along with wood, brick, stone, or cinder block columns on either side to support the garden gate.

If the gate will be located next to the home, you may want to try and match the gate's construction to that of the home's exterior or style, for continuity.

Gate construction

When building a garden gate, sturdy construction is extremely important. A gate is a moveable object that must hold a considerable amount of weight. Some gates are built to slide open and closed while others swing on hinges. For hinged gates, it is important to choose hardware that is durable, can support years of opening and closing and will not rust.

Creative garden gates

Garden gates are both functional and visually appealing. They can include outdoor lighting fixtures, display ornamental objects, or built-in planters. A garden gate is often the perfect place for installing an arbor or a shelter over the top.

The garden gate (shown here) is like a door into the garden and includes and overhang which offers a shield from the rain.

You might want to think of the garden gate as a "movable wall". There is so much you can do with a wall. For example, walls can be used as a support for hanging plants, ornaments, bird feeders, etc. Why not use the garden gate as a place to grow a living wall?

Here is an example of how plants, such as sedums, are grown in pouches which attach to a vertical structure. It's a great idea for creating a living wall, but does not need to be limited to a stationary structure, such as wall. It can also be installed on a garden gate.

Fences and garden gates installed in our region need to be protected from the weather. Iron structures tend to rust and wood will rot if not properly treated.

View our landscape company portfolio for a display of fences and garden gates installed by Environmental Construction Inc.

From iron gates designed for aesthetic appeal to covered wooden gates that serve a practical purpose, we can install just the right gate for your taste and needs.

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