Edible gardens - Have your landscape and eat it too.

Enjoy your plants in the garden and on the table.

Today’s edible garden is more than just an array of vegetables grown within a rectangular boundary and confined to a specific location. The edible gardens that grace the beautiful landscape designs of many of the homes in the Seattle area include a variety of plants, herbs, edible flowers, and fruit bearing bushes strategically placed throughout the landscaping.

Oh, I agree…gardening in a square box is still an enjoyable pastime. And I don’t mind the weeding and pampering while watching the garden grow. But incorporating edible garden landscaping into your overall landscape design might be a new idea for you and one you should consider. For those who want to really enjoy the full benefit of a beautiful landscape design, using various edible plantings within the landscape gives more planting options and enhances the beauty.

An edible garden should be used and enjoyed.

Try these edible ideas:

  • For a delightful garnish, add the petal of a nasturtium, violet, or rose to add an elegant touch to a beautifully plated dish.
  • Mint is easy to grow in the Seattle area and goes well in fruit salads, desserts, and special drinks like Mojito’s.
  • Lemon or peppermint-scented geraniums can be candied or added to ice cream.

This spring, add uniqueness to your garden by placing edible plants in prominent locations, near walkways, or at the entrance to your home. Imagine being able to offer your guests a fresh-off-the-vine handful of blueberries as a special gift when they come to visit.

And edible garden can improve your health, reduce the carbon footprint, and provide reasons for families to interact with each other and this good earth. Edibles, from blueberries and other fruit shrubs and trees (such as apple trees) to vegetables like potato vines, kale, basil, and tomatoes, along with herbs like rosemary and thyme, can be spread throughout the garden to give you a "reason to roam"

There are a whole variety of edible plants you may not even know about. Our staff at Environmental Construction can provide several edible garden plants for you to consider.

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