Curb appeal - front and back

Are you getting ready to sell your home. Never underestimate the value of curb appeal...front and back.

They say, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression. So if it is really important, make sure you look your best." I'd say that is good advice when selling a home as well. The buyer has only a short time and a select number of elements with which to judge your home against the others: size, location, and curb appeal...front and back.

What makes an attractive curb appeal is much like what makes a person's face look nice? The face of the home should "smile" and draw a person's attention, not hide behind overcrowded bushes and trees like hair hiding a person's eyes. As with people, a home's curb appeal can be either inviting or closed and withdrawn.

Curb appeal - front


What is the style of your home? Is it comfortably country, majestic and classy, uniquely you, modern, rustic, or a reflection of the Pacific Northwest? Whatever the style, the curb appeal and entrance of the home should display that same feel and style.


Some will say there's more to a personality that what meets the eye. Not when it comes to curb appeal front and back. When you look at your home through the eyes of a stranger, how would you describe the "attitude" of your home? Is its fa├žade cheery or depressed?


When it comes to your home, the landscaping and its curb appeal front and back, appearance is [almost] everything. Make it as pretty as a picture and the front of your home might just become the backdrop for your next family photo.

There are a few things that are equally as important as a nice-looking curb appeal. I would be remiss if I didn't mention them.


Walkways and stairs should be free of obstacles and slippery areas. Many people choose to park their vehicle outdoors and need a safe walking surface to move from the front door to the parking area. Railings are an important safety feature also and a great way to add emphasis to the style of your home.


Covered parking, an in-ground sprinkler system, and outdoor lighting are all luxuries that should not be overlooked. Consider adding a bench near the front door where items can be placed while unlocking the door.


Without obstructing curb appeal, trees, low shrubbery or beautiful entry gate can provide a sense of privacy while enhancing curb appeal both for the front and back yards.

Curb appeal - back yard

Is the backside of your house visible from the road? If so, don't overlook curb appeal for the back of the home. The back yard is just as important as the front. It's where we "live". If the front yard is an extension of the home's entryway, then the back is an extension of the living room. It's where we go to sit and listen to the birds, read a good book, or have a cook-out with family and friends. Here the mood should be comfortable and inviting, with a bit more privacy than in the front.

Curb appeal, front and back, is one of the best investments you can make...especially if needing to attract a future buyer. Be sure to give us a call or request a consultation through our website. We will walk through your landscape with the eye of a stranger and offer advice as to how you can improve curb appeal.

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