Build a patio for a sculpture, ornament, or water feature

Creating the perfect place to display a sculpture, monolith, fountain, or ornament, may be to build a patio.

Back in the 17th century, Queen Elizabeth adorned her castle with beautiful sculptures and landscape ornaments, and the idea of art in the garden was born.

Today, adding a sculpture to a landscape design isn't just reserved for royalty. Beautiful garden structures have a prominent place in many of the landscapes we design, and the best way to display them might be to build a patio. Many things can serve the same purpose as a sculpture, including a monolith, water feature, or decorative art structure.

When to add an ornament or water feature to a landscape

Most any landscape design can incorporate an ornament (such as a sculpture, decorative object, or monolith) or water feature of some sort. The size of the garden and the visual area often determines the size of the sculpture.

What sculpture to choose

Your garden should be an extension of your own personality and taste. Generally, we recommend staying with a common style or theme, but the choice is yours. Choose a sculpture that means something to you or has a story to tell. The purpose of a sculpture is to provide a focal point of the garden. We feel it's best to limit the number or focal points, depending on the size of the space and small garden areas within the landscape.

Where to place a garden sculpture

Position is one of the most important factors when installing a landscape structure of any kind. Sculptures, in particular, should be placed at a point of the garden where you tend to focus. Think about where you would want to take your next family picture, for example. Most important, choose a location where the surroundings are picturesque.

Often we build patios for the purpose of setting tables and chairs, but why not make it the foundation of an eye-catching, unique, worth-a-story landscape ornament like a sculpture, monolith, or fountain. When you build a patio for your garden structure or provide space around the object with a reflective pool or area of ground cover, the object will stand out, catch the eye and say, "Notice me".

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