Outdoor kitchen appliances and cabinets

This outdoor kitchen installation project is ready for the appliances and cabinets. It's going to be functional AND elegant.

The outdoor kitchen appliances have been selected

An outdoor kitchen is all about enjoying the outdoors while maintaining the luxuries of indoor living. This construction project has received a welcomed addition -- new stainless steel outdoor kitchen appliances and custom-built cabinets.

Some highlights...
  • The grill and cooktop were made by Fire Magic. The cooktop is powered by natural gas, and the grill is a hybrid fuel - natural gas, charcoal or wood.
  • The pizza oven was made by Chicago Brick Oven and is a wood-fired countertop model.

Outdoor kitchen cabinet installation

Cabinets are made by Graysen. They are welded aluminum frames with a cement board shell. The cabinets come in units, which are bolted together to make the full kitchen layout.

The doors and drawers in the cabinets are stainless steel. They are also made by Fire Magic to match the grill and cooktop.

This kitchen space is a chef's dream. The cabinets wrap all the way around the kitchen area, from the sink to the cooktop to the grill to the pizza oven. A curved bar top (raised above the countertops) is directly adjacent to the sink and cooktop side of the kitchen. The bar is over 12 feet long. Ideal for entertaining!

The cabinets are covered in a stone veneer on the sides, and a poured-in-place concrete countertop on top. To add a touch of color, the backsplash is covered by a dark blue porcelain tile.

Other features...

  • The stainless steel sink is equipped with both hot and cold water.
  • The backsplash conveniently houses all of the light & fan switches, as well as a few outlets.
  • A circular fan has been installed in the ceiling, just above the eating area.
  • For convenience, a small wood storage area is installed directly under the pizza oven, and a larger wood storage area is underneath the deck.

This elegant outdoor kitchen is really coming along nicely, but there is still more to come. Next we will highlight the floor installation as we wrap up this outdoor kitchen construction project in North Seattle.

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