Glass in the garden

A visit to Chihuly Garden of Glass in Seattle is enough to make us want to talk about using glass in the garden.

Using glass in the garden is an excellent idea because it comes in so many colors, and it is strong and easy to clean. Glass pieces reflect light and add color to the garden. It can be used in so many ways -- from eye-catching displays.

Using glass in the garden walkway or patio

If you are as old as I am, you might remember the fun we used to have playing with glass marbles? We would flick them across the floor and aim for the other person's marble that had the coolest colors. The more interesting the glass looked, the more they were worth.

Glass comes in so many interesting shapes and colors it's the perfect choice of material to use to add interest, design, and uniqueness to a walkway or patio. Whether you choose to use your priceless marbles from childhood or cut pieces of glass from your favorite wine bottle of today, glass in the garden is a great idea.

This summer, use glass in the garden and make an artistic walkway or several stepping stones. Here are a few things to consider when selecting glass for the garden walkway or patio:

  • Select a glass that is thick and will not break when stepped on.
  • Make sure the edges of the glass pieces are not sharp.
  • Embedded in wet concrete that is thick enough to support the glass so it will not sink to the bottom.
  • Make sure the surface that is facing upwards is flat and smooth.

(Note: Plaster-of-Paris makes a good additive to the cement mixture for faster-drying concrete, but the exact ratio is a bit tricky.)

Using glass in walls

Walls provide and vertical canvas for the same creativity used in walkways and patios. Think outside the norm and have fun making your garden original. Insert glass shapes or objects into a wall to make it colorful, interesting, and fun.

Chihuly Garden of Glass

Glass ornaments

Sculptures made of glass, wind chimes, glass pots...all of these provide sparkle and color. When the flowers drop their petals and leaves fall, glass ornaments remain and provide the color we cherish.

Installing a quality walkway, patio or wall is no easy task. To make sure your new garden feature is level or straight, uses the right materials, and is durable from one season to the next, request a consultation from Environmental Construction Inc. and let us help.

A garden of glass in Seattle

Inspiration for using glass in the garden is everywhere you look as you tour the amazing Chihuly's Garden of Glass. If you've never been, we highly recommend that you visit his showroom in downtown Seattle. We visited at night, but I imagine it is just as spectacular during the day.

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